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We take satisfaction in offering top-notch, accredited training courses in stock market trading.

Online batch

Considering that the stock market is currently a major business strategy. People can make millions of dollars overnight through stock market investing. As a result, it draws many people who are looking for jobs to trade. Take online trading classes from Stock Market Kerala, the largest stock market institute in Kerala that provides online stock market courses.

Are you prepared to launch a career in trading?

Offline batch

Professional traders with extensive training oversee our offline classes. Your future is secure in our hands, we can promise you that. Our students will receive a one-day demo lesson so they can make the best choice. Our course is based on face-to-face personal training. This course will cover a variety of profitable tactics from the fundamental to the advanced levels.

Are you prepared to launch a career in trading?


Personal mentorship in the stock market can be highly valuable for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in investing and trading. Our mentor with relevent experience in the stock market will provide proper guidance, insights, and support to help navigate the complexities of the financial markets. You will be having a one on one session with our mentor, with fixed classes, doubt clearing sessions and live assistance .

Are you prepared to launch a career in trading?

Future & Options

Futures and options allow investors to leverage their positions and potentially profit from price movements However, they also carry risks, including the potential for loss .. It's essential to understand these derivatives' mechanics and associated risks before engaging in trading activities. In this advanced session we will be focusinng specifically on this derivative market , in molding you with the necessary education,support and trading physology.

Are you prepared to launch a career in trading?